Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year's Questions

Our sometimes bi-annual answers to questions, just to keep track as they grow and we all change . . . . (the last ones are here.)

Sis (she did most of the typing):
Book:  Warriors,Hunger Games,Wings of Fire series, 
TV show: The Great British Bake Off,("Switched at Birth," "Robin Hood"), Doctor Who (BBC),
Movie:  The Hunger Games trilogy
Musical:  Les Miz, Wicked
Song:  Riptide, Blank Space Taylor Swift
Number: 77
Food: popeyes fried chicken
Animals: bunny, horse
Dessert: chocolate
Restaurant: popeyes
Toy/Thing:  Amy, Shirt, Minecraft, splatoon ,Zoo Tycoon,Minion Rush
Things to Do:  ice skating, baking, draw and color, read
Place to go: my room
Saying/Words: n/a
Job When I Grow Up:  vet
·      Bud:
Books: Magnus Chase , RedwallMenagerie series, Hunger Games Trilogy, Scratch 2.0 (Percy Jackson series)
TV show:  "Doctor Who," "Clone Wars," "Phineas and Ferb" "British Bake Off" "Super Girl"
Movies:  , Star Wars  The Force Awakens, Battle of Five Armies (Lego Movie, The Hobbit trilogy)
Musical:  Phantom of the Opera, Les Miz, Wicked
Color: blue
Number: 46
Food:  sushi
Animals: penguin
Dessert:  homemade ice cream
Restaurant:  Sushi Momo
Toy/Thing:  Wii, Mr. Big, Scratch programming, magic card tricks, Smash brothers, Legend of Zelda games, (Legos, Minecraft)
Things to do:  kung fu, Scratch, read, video gaming
Place to go:  London
Saying/Words:  n/a
Job When I Grow Up:  actor, coder
Book:  Outlander, Maisie Dobbs series, historical mysteries, cookbooks
TV show:  "Great British Bake Off," "Doctor Who," "Sherlock," "Downton Abbey," "Outlander," "Super Girl," "Midsomer Mysteries," "Last Tango in Halifax," "iZombie," "Jessica Jones"
Movie:  Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Musical:  Fun Home, Spring Awakening, Matilda
Song: "Ring of Keys" from Fun Home, "Revolting Children" from Matilda, "Uptown Funk," "Heartbeat Song," listening to my old Indigo Girls albums
Color:  purple
Number:  12
Food:  pizza, raspberry shrub, homemade soda,
Animals:  cats, panda, otter, hedgehog, koalas
Dessert:  Spritz cookies, Victoria Sandwich
Restaurant:  SmashBurger
Toy/Thing:  yarn, micro pens, my smartphone
To Do:  crochet, Zentangle, read, bake
Place to go:  looking forward to Colonial Williamsburg
Saying/Words:  metta meditation
Job When I Grow Up:  hospice chaplain

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