Sunday, January 10, 2016


Mercy, it's raining a lot today, for Connecticut.

Heading to church this morning, there were white caps on the river, which was 2 feet above normal, if not more.  It was obviously quite high, especially considering the rain only came in overnight.

And the wind!  We didn't see any trees down, though we heard some did go down, but we saw lots of little branches and leaves strewn about.  And one branch actually blew horizontally across the highway in front of us!

There wasn't too much puddling on the roads, though, and we never hydroplaned.  But it was threatening nonetheless.

So, after church, we went for a pancake breakfast!  It's a new-to-us place not far from church, quite crowded today--I guess everyone else had the same lazy-morning feeling.  We enjoyed delicious lemon ricotta pancakes, a kielbasa burrito, a "cowboy" omelet, corned beef hash, smoked bacon.  Yum, yum, yum.  And while we ate, the rain slowed.

It continued off and on, and is raining again now.

If it had been snow, it would have been a blizzard, with considerable accumulation, I'm sure.

Not yet.

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