Monday, January 18, 2016


It was a nice, quiet weekend.  Just what we needed as Mama and I get over our secondary infections.

That's not to say we did nothing, only that we did very little.

There was kung fu and ice skating as our major outings.

And we went car shopping.  We're in the market for a replacement for my 10-year-old minivan, probably getting a Subaru Forrester--it's good for tall people, will be great in the snow with four-wheel drive, and even has heated seats!!  Plus it's got partial emissions.  I drove it a bit and it's a lot like my minivan, only a bit smaller.  We're considering our options but hope to decide this month.  Of course, I'll have all the memories of our van--bringing the babies home. long drives after church with the kids asleep (or not) in their seats, and all the rest--but I'll mostly miss my bumper stickers, especially my rainbow "MOM" which it seems I can't replace.

We spent a lot of time relaxing downstairs--crocheting, Zentangling, reading, doing SW Legos, doing a Pixar movie puzzle, napping, petting the cats.  And we watched Mockingjay, Part 1, which continues our journey through the dystopic trilogy.   We love following Katniss and her struggles, rooting for her and the rebels.  We have awhile to wait to see Part 2, since it was just in theaters--I'm in no rush because many of our favorite characters will die.   Then today we did some chores, namely laundry and putting away the last of Christmas, to get ready for the coming week.   At least it's a light week--no night meetings for me and no other real appointments.

We did manage some great meals, though.  We went for Chinese on Saturday at Bud's favorite place--we had fried rice, chicken pan fried noodles, spicy chile chicken, stir-fried bean leaves in garlic, and a ton of steamed buns.  Plus tea.   Last night, I made our favorite orange poundcake, adding cranberries.  Yum!  (Though, it would've been better as two smaller cakes--the cranberries made it so big that it didn't quite cook through.)  And then today we had a delicious breakfast out at one of our favorite places.  Gingerbread latte (with a cookie), mint hot chocolate with candy and marshmallows, crabmeat quesadillas, African spiced lentil hash, sweet potato corned beef hash, peach-stuffed French toast, and a very delicious chocolate babka French toast with toasted almonds.  So good.  And tonight, we had a great homemade chicken tortellini soup.

The best part, perhaps, was the snow.  Just enough, falling gently last night, to cover the grass, road, and cars.  Pretty.  Our first significant dusting this year, still no accumulation though.  But reports say this weekend.   Maybe.

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