Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Areas of Gray

People rarely believe the comments we get out in public sometimes, specifically when people don't recognize Mama for who she is, namely, my wife.  But here are three, from the last month:

1.  Mama went shopping on her lunch hour with a co-worker who is not much older than she is.  The clerk intimated that Mama was her son. (Okay, this was a co-worker and not me, but it's the same principle.)

2.  We were being seated at a restaurant and were asked if we wanted THREE kids' menus, including one for my son.

3.  We met the family of our GP at the movie theater and apparently later that night the teenagers in the group asked about my teenage son!

 . . . so not only does Mama look like a boy (which, admittedly, I can see) and my child (harder to see, since I'm only 4 years older), but she must be cute enough to be cruised by some teenage girls.

As I told the restaurant server, I can only hope she goes gray before me so that people realize I'm not her mom.

1 comment:

  1. I used to be called 'chinky' because of my eye shape, another lad was 'fish'. Some day Moma may be called your grandson, how about that. You are big enough to live with these things and laugh them off.