Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Whether it's a blizzard or just a coating, we're ready for the weekend.  I have enough groceries for several meals--more chicken tortellini soup, ham and cheese quiche, sausage and pepper pasta, chicken stir fry, Welsh rarebit. Dutch baby pancakes, even sweet crepes.  Of course, if we don't have power (which I doubt will happen), we can have sandwiches and cook on the fire pit or propane stove (on the porch, with good ventilation.)  Really, though, I don't think it will come to that.

And I have makings for snow ice cream, of course.

If it does snow and blow as much as they're saying, we'll probably skip ice skating, kung fu, and church, as well as their haircut appointments.  But we have books, movies, Legos, arts and crafts supplies . . . and sleds and snow pants and boots, for sure.

I've been to hospice, the shipping store, Goodwill, and other errands.  I went to the beach yesterday looking for the owl and I hope to go again tomorrow.

Otherwise, there isn't much left to do but wait and watch the forecast change several times . . . .

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