Friday, January 22, 2016

First 24 Hours

Mr. P had a big day, his first full 24 hours home after his medical emergency.

We made an appointment with a cardiologist, talked to the vets at the ER place, consulted our regular vet.

We medicated him, supervised his visits with kids and other cats, and kept him comfortable, safe, fed and watered him.

The biggest responsibility was making sure he moved around safely, i.e. that he didn't face plant off the bed, with one gimp from leg.  Unfortunately, he was very anxious and easily startled today.  I moved the computer on the covers and he jumped out of his skin; Mama brushed a tray with her foot and he threw himself off the bed.  I caught him twice, but once he got right past us both.  He then bolted down the stairs and then down the basement stairs; I was practically frozen in place with worry that he'd break a leg or his neck in a fall, but he made it all the way down.  And then used the litter box and lay down exhausted on the treadmill.  Even though there is a litterbox not five feet from his spot on our bed.

But the part I thought might be the hardest was pretty easy:  the NYCats' first owner came for a visit today, the first time he's visited since depositing them in our care 13 months ago.  We had always agreed that we would tell him of health emergencies; Mama called him early yesterday when it looked so dire, but when things settled down, he decided to visit today instead.  Mr. P was pretty sedate but let Mr C pet him; I couldn't say if Mr P recognized him, but Mr C thought he did.  Same with Mojo, who was ensconced on his warm dryer and welcomed the attention.  Hermione even got some pets.

It was nice talking to Mr C, who calls Patron his "lion," albeit a kinda failed Alpha one.  He recognized P's casual indifference to some of the pets by the turn of an ear and he said he was always a big purr-er.  He also characterizes Mojo as a sneaky little cuddler.  He thought it was funny that Mo burrows in blankets, something new.  He still loves his cats, of course.  But he also has been keeping his distance to respect our relationship with them.  And he is so grateful and happy for our care.

And so the day has come to a close with Mr. P sound asleep in Mama's spot on the bed, breathing comfortably.  It was a long day for all of us, but better than the alternative we thought was in store.  And that's great.

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