Friday, January 22, 2016

First Snow 2016

Storm Jonas, or Snowmageddon 2016, or whatever you want to call it, is bearing down on the Eastern  Seaboard and Mid-Atlantic states as I type.  It's been snowing in DC for hours now and apparently it has started in NYC.  I don't think it'll get here til after midnight--I won't really be watching for it.

There have been some fun memes floating around--the maps with forecasts of how many wine bottles/books/skeins of yarn you'll need to get through the storm, the "Be Like Bob" bits ("Bob won't post about the snow.  He knows people have windows.  Bob is smart.  Be Like Bob."), the open letter from the Bangor, ME police department, and various funny articles like cliches weather forecasters swear never to use again.  Plus tons of serious articles about forecasts and preparedness and such.

I've written my own posts in years past about snow--things to do with the kids (and here) and how to prep if you're unfamiliar with snow.  The kids are older now so we're not exactly making obstacle courses with painters tape; they have puzzles (a 1000-piece Pixar ones), games (the dominoes and checkers Gommie and Pop played), books, movies, Lego kits (two Star Wars), and of course videogames (always Minecraft, sometimes Dimensions)--longer more sophisticated ones than they did when they were 3-years old.  I have yarn and Zentangle supplies; Mama is finishing a puzzle.  And of course, there is the snow.  The kids will have snowball fights and build snowpeople; they've already put out the bowls for snow ice cream.   Maybe they can go sledding on Sunday (because we've cleared the whole weekend, due to snow and cat.)  I have makings for hot chocolate and popcorn, as tradition requires.  I imagine we'll have some soup, maybe some biscuits.  There will be a lot of cat petting.

All of which is to say, we're looking forward to this storm, our first for the year.  We don't need 2' for it to be special; 6" is just enough.  In fact, recent reports of 12-15" aren't ideal, but our snow blower is working and we have all the necessary supplies should we lose power or the ability to leave the house.

Stay tuned for snow photos!

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