Wednesday, May 13, 2015


No painkillers on Sunday!

Surgeon says things look good, even with shrinking the granuloma that grew in the scar, which we're treating with silver nitrate (or was that nitrite?)  I've switched from Vicodin to Tramadol, which I think is progress.  I am not sure I'd need them much at all but the terrible allergy season has me coughing and sneezing, which causes lots of discomfort, even with pillows or my brace (and allergy meds, which yes, I cross-checked with the pharmacist.)  And I'm allowed to start PT.

I just went driving!  I hadn't had any painkillers yet so I drove around town a bit, even grabbed a fast food lunch, about 20+ minutes in all.  YAY!  It was more comfortable than last time and I still don't need any pills.

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  1. Silver Nitrate or AgNOsubscript3

    Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear!!! Overdoing it again.