Monday, May 18, 2015

Next 48 Hours

I'll be on my own, really on my own, for about 36 hours, starting tomorrow morning when the kids leave for school.  Mama is taking them to their grandparents' house in Queens right after school to attend a family memorial for Lao Gong early on Wednesday morning, the 100th day after his death.  It's not so much a set ritual, as they will host a Chinese New Year-like meal with prayers--and set an empty chair for him for the first time.

No, I won't be going.  It's too much car, too much activity, and I don't want the focus to be on me for this event.  Though, I would have been glad to be there for Mama, as no doubt it will be hard.  But the children will provide levity and a distraction.

I'll be home, doing what I do--which is mostly watching tv and crocheting.  I did manage a run to the store today--and got some light provisions--and picked up a mocha frappuccino, which I dropped trying to enter the house with one too many things in my hands.  Double frustration:  dropping a drink I had barely put a dent in and then having trouble cleaning it up on my own!  (It hit the door frame and bounced between the porch wall and the deck box.  Lovely.)  I threw down some towels and hoped for the best.  But it's just pissy.  (Leaning over sometimes puts too much pressure on my incision.  Ouch.  Especially with the wear and tear of intermittent coughing and sneezing from allergies.)

Otherwise, it was a nice day.  Some new skirts arrived and a book of tea treats from a magazine I subscribed to.  I caught up on "Outlander" (which was nasty with torture, the penultimate season episode), "Mr. Selfridge," and "Call the Midwife," which included both a deaf woman (and British sign is just that much different than American!) and two closet lesbians (it is 1960 or so after all) separated when one is badly injured in an accident and is brought home by her parents (a bit reminiscent of that part of If These Walls Could Talk 2.)  I talked to both Gommie and Lambeth, who were checking up on me.

There's not much to report.  I get bored, but I manage.  My body is as good as can be expected 7 1/2 weeks out (though my skin on my stomach has called it quits with bandages, even with paper tape.)  The cats all keep me company.  I like the cool, rainy weather; I did not like Sunday's high near 80F.

Not sure if I'll have anything to blog, though I can tell you about the weekend with Sis's GS fest and Bud and I relaxing . . . later.

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