Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Super Saturday

While Bud and I sat at home eating snacks in the living room (usually forbidden), while watching "Merlin" and "Phineas and Ferb" and playing Smash Brothers--yes, I played, too, as Jigglypuff, though I wasn't that good--Mama and Sis had a long busy day outdoors.

It was Girl Scout Fun Fest here in Connecticut.  They were there the whole six hours, taking in all the activities.

Archery, with a left-handed bow

The Israeli game Gaga, which is a little like Dodgeball

And rock climbing!

Even Mama did the rock climbing--pretty fast, beating the two younger girls on the pillar to the top.  Way to go, Mama!  (And no wonder your arms were tired the next day.)

They also made marshmallow-toothpick structures, experimented with dry ice and soap to make big bubbles, created yarn God's Eyes, ate good barbecue from the Smoke and Bones truck, and then did all the physical activities again.  

The one thing they didn't do was SWAPS, those little crafts-on-a-pin that girl Scouts exchange at gathering.  Except no one else seemed to have brought them, or at least Sis didn't find them.  She had made these really cute campfire pins, with sticks and pipe cleaners.  Oh, well.  She wasn't disappointed and the SWAPS will wait for the next gathering.  (I'll see if I can get a photo.)

They came home happy and exhausted . . . . and joined us on the couches for more computer games!

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