Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

I spoke to some of the moms in my life today, and texted or FB'd others (including those who have lost their moms recently), and hope they had whatever they wanted today to be.

(I also got a little teary, a few times about Aunt Sis, whom I always sent a card to or called on Mother's Day, too.)

Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

The kids woke us up with breakfast in bed--breakfast they'd prepared an hour or so earlier and had been waiting to give us, but let us sleep:  scrambled eggs (which they reheated), toast, oranges, our favorite drinks, a Hershey's kiss!  They even brought Mama her favorite Tabasco sauce!  They planned and executed it all by themselves, meaning for the very first time neither Mama nor I had to help with the celebrations.  They even made some lovely cards for each of us, with coupons for back rubs and such.    It was all very sweet.  (I actually felt bad for sleeping in, with them waiting so patiently; next time, I said, they could wake us up.)

It went downhill fast.

See, as part of our celebration, we sent the kids out last night with Beloved Babysitter to the rope course, where they played in the trees til 10 pm!  Mama and I enjoyed the quiet at home by bingeing on "Frankie and Grace" the new Netflix show with Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, and Sam Waterston as two couples who divorce when the men announce they've been gay lovers for 20 years and want to get married.  It's phenomenal and we laugh out loud through every episode (we've seen 10 in two days!)  I really highly recommend it (Gommie!!)

Anyway, the kids didn't get enough sleep so there was a lot of  . . .  unhappiness today.    It didn't help that we had to clean out the big closet; the temperature has heated up drastically and we needed our summer clothes, especially since Mama and each child will be gone for the next two weekends (Mama and Sis this weekend; Mama and Bud the next weekend.)  We had to do it today.  That means Mama worked her butt off on "her" day.  I watched.  And sorta helped.  The kids made themselves scarce.

There were some good times, too:  planting more bulbs and flowers in the yard and also getting lunch from the steak place (actually my choice because I could have fish and a baked potato, plus the bread--going back to a pretty bland diet.)  We also watched some Big Hero Six and the kids got computer time.  But everything was just a little off.  I'm not the kind of mom, though, who needs today to be perfect or even all about me, nor is Mama--too much pressure on one day, when really, we should show each other love and respect everyday.

Which is good because all in all, between the hot day for CT (close to 80--and that was without our AC on) and the lack of sleep (even Mama and I weren't asleep til after midnight), AND the chores, it was a pretty mediocre day.

I'll never forget, however, that it started on such a very high and loving note with breakfast.

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