Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Thinking Ahead to Summer

It's a dreary spring day, but I have summer on the brain.  In fact, we've already booked summer camps and are working on all the forms; each has two weeks of day camp at different places.  Sis has horseback riding camp and animal camp at a nature center; Bud has science camp at a museum and Minecraft camp.  They're going different weeks, so each will have time home alone with me.  

So what to do with the other weeks, around six in all for each child?  No doubt Gommie will come for a visit; otherwise, we have no travel plans.  Lots of R&R at home.  Not sure where I'll be physically, but I'm not including any really physical excursions.  I'm sure we'll adapt the list as the time comes.

And here are some ideas of what we'll do (* indicate family weekend outings):

  1. Party/activity in honor of Aunt Sis
  2. Go swimming at Y with friends
  3. Meet friends at ice rink
  4. *Attend town festival in June/volunteer at historic house
  5. *Beach trip in city
  6. *Putt-putt golf
  7. *Baseball game
  8. Eat Dole Whip
  9. Make ice cream
  10. Designate a family summer read (Redwall?)
  11. Go to outdoor concert
  12. Have a barbecue (after bricking fire pit)
  13. Raise butterflies
  14. Have a lemonade stand (cookies for cancer?)
  15. Picnic
  16. Mario kart-athon
  17. Movie night
  18. Old tv show marathon (ours or theirs)
  19. Play in sprinkler
  20. *Go to culture festival (Scottish, Irish, Greek, etc.)
  21. *Go to Renaissance festival
  22. *Go to zoo
  23. Stargazing at observatory
  24. *Biking
  25. Celebrate 4th of July
  26. Celebrate Solstice
  27. Celebrate Mama's birthday
  28. Birthday party for kids
  29. *Go to nature center
  30. *Go to aquarium
  31. *Go to bird festvial
  32. Try a new craft/art project
  33. Decorate chalkboard for summer
  34. Learn to cook favorite meal
  35. Make ice cube candles
  36. Activity kit day
  37. Host a sleepover with friends.  
  38. Learn how to clean bathrooms.
  39. Learn how to work washer/dryer
  40. Make popsicles.
  41. Hang pictures.
  42. Make soap

  43. Learn a new game
  44. *Go letterboxing or geocaching locally
  45. Attend friends' Friday Night Dance Party
  46. Start afternoon tea party tradition
  47. Learn some words in Scottish Gaelic for trip to Scotland
  48. Purge and donate toys and books
  49. Pajamas day
  50. No electricity day
  51. Do a 1000 piece puzzle
  52. Kite flying
  53. Wash car
  54. Buy new couches?
  55. Community service project (volunteer with cats?)
  56. Do nothing special
    As I write this, I'm thinking of all the other things we want to do at other times, either other seasons or later: Comic Con, WNBA game, NY Ren Faire, Sheffield or Thimble Island boat cruise, Eagle boat cruise, seal watching cruise, Little Red Lighthouse day, Mystic Seaport Sea Music Festival, visiting Gillette Castle, climbing to tower lookout at Sleeping Giant Park, Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, revisit Dinosaur State Park, attend holiday programs Hudson River Valley house museums, sleepover at AMNH, and bigger trips to Quebec City, DC for pandas, Williamsburg, Philadelphia, etc.

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