Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How Our Garden Grows

Sis has always loved to play in the dirt.  Years ago, she would mix up soups and cakes in the backyard, with mud, leaves, and sticks for spoons.  Then she discovered fairy houses--one time she even dug a swimming pool for hers!  Later, in school, she got into plants, buying all sorts of things at the annual plant sale.  She was, and still is, a better planter than a weeder!  She gets so excited about spring.  This weekend, she and Mama cased the garden store, getting hostas, caladium, and astilbes for our sidewalk deadzone under the big town tree, plus forsythias and some pink perennials for the rock wall garden.  She can't wait to go to the school plant sale tomorrow.  Soon, Sis will be scattering wildflower seeds, planting sunflower seeds, and putting more bulbs in the ground, plus whatever she buys at the plant sale.

And yesterday, she had a gardening lesson from my dear friend from the historic house.  They spent an hour outside identifying various plants; talking about if, how, and when to prune various plants; debating watering techniques; and other gardening things.  Sis loved it and looks forward to another lesson.  A big thank you to Miss J!

Our yard is going to be so colorful this spring!  Thank you, Sis!

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