Thursday, May 7, 2015


My days are long; my abilities and energies limited--I'm still not driving.  I mean, I had been on the cusp of a major new project--seminary--and now not only is that not happening for a year (still the right decision, physically), but I'm not even really doing what I had been (hospice, historic house, GS meetings.)  And while I do see friends, I have a lot of free time that weighs rather heavily.

So, being in a list-making mood, I'm coming up with things I can do in the next six weeks that aren't bingeing on Netflix or zoning out on FB or Pinterest, while the kids are in school:
  1. coffee visits with friends
  2. crochet more Granny Square blankets
  3. crochet flowers
  4. practice knitting
  5. read current novel
  6. read through magazines
  7. blog
  8. meditate
  9. work on family photo albums
  10. work on Mommy Hungry 2015 cookbook
  11. do family questionnaire which we haven't done in a few years
  12. meal planning
  13. Zentangle
  14. walk
  15. play piano
  16. call friends
  17. brush the cats/visit the basement boys
  18. sew on Sis's Shirt
  19. practice ASL
  20. drink a cup of tea outside
  21. gentle purging of shelves, cabinets, and drawers (little things like spices and office supplies, not books or heavy things)
  22. study up on Scotland for our trip
  23. work on sewing machine skills
  24. put badges on Sis's GS sash
  25. send cards to friends
  26. email "pen pals"

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