Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I'm working on my doodling and Zentangles today, working through some ideas and patterns.  I did these last night by holding cookie cutters in place and working around them, without actually outlining the cookie cutter.  Cool!  You should try it, Gommie, my Zentangle buddy (glad you liked the Mother's Day supplies!)

I had been doing a lot of flowers, especially for thank you and sympathy cards I've been sending out.  My uncle, two cousins, and I exchanged cards over the death of Aunt Sis, and I sent cards with flowers.  I think she would have liked them.  (I wish I could figure out how to put more than one photo on a line.  But I do like the small images for these drawings, I've decided--the inconsistencies are less obvious!  I know, no judgement.)  Flowers, I find, are easier than mandalas, because you never need a perfect circle and can build them organically to fill in the space.  Though, several of them, like the one on the left, look more like mandalas ("Zendalas") than flowers. Sometimes I color them; sometimes not.

In the next few days, or weeks, whenever the tangling bug hits, I'm going to work my way through the ABC of Zentangle videos on YouTube.  I've seen a few and they are straightforward and easy-to-follow.  I don't usually like videos, but they are useful for this, especially for patterns I have trouble learning from diagrams.

I'm not sure what's after that--paisleys, maybe--but there is much more to explore with doodling.

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