Friday, May 29, 2015

Iced Tea and Coffee Cake

Last night's storm approaching
It's warm and moist here--ok, my Texas readers would think it's nice, but once we cross 70F, I'm uncomfortable (mind you, are AC isn't on; we often wait for 78+ inside--but this humidity has had us turning it on sometimes.)  My hair is nicely curly, though it didn't even completely dry, nor did the towels in the bathroom, much less the washcloths; and all the wood in the house is damp and slightly sticky.  Not my favorite.

Spiderwort is one of my favorites.
Still, when there is a breeze off the ocean, it's nice and I can hear the birds singing their little hearts out through the open windows (which then keeps the cats awake!)   And the flowers in the garden are all starting to bloom, helped by last night's 15-minute downpour (accompanied by impressive thunder and lightning--though, again, Texas readers, not impressive by your scale!  Our storms are wimpy in comparison to your regular ones, much less the deluge and lightning show you got this weekend.)

Okay, so this cat is not awake.
It's a beautiful day for Field Day, especially because the kids won't notice that it's muggy.  They are so jazzed to wear whatever they want (instead of dress code/uniforms) and to miss all their classes today.  With 16 or so school days left, they really are done.

Meanwhile, I'll be at home with my friend/ASL teacher, drinking homemade iced tea and coffee cake.  Yep, I baked!  I'm very proud of myself.  I had been assisting Sis, or vice versa, but I managed to get the whole thing put in the oven by myself today.  That's progress.  And one more activity I can add to my growing repertoire.

As for activities, we have very few planned for the weekend.  Sis has a Girl Scout thing tonight; I'll go as long as I can make it.  And then we have the usual kung fu and ice skating.  We might grab some Greek food at their festival this week; I don't think we'll make it to church.  All of which is to say, after the last few weeks, it's a slow weekend for us.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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