Friday, May 22, 2015

Fengle Frenzy

Sis stayed home sick today, with heavy congestion and a cough no doubt due to allergies (99.5F this evening might mean a sinus infection??  Or a cold.)  She stayed on the couch all day, hardly budging, as we watched "Switched at Birth" and also High School Musical.  She did rally to get deli lunch, but that was about the extent of her energy.  
And so I crocheted (finished a small lap afghan) and tangled a lot, experimenting with something called a Fengle, which is just the fancy Zentangle term for something that looks like a pinwheel or starfish or flower, with five or six points.  I varied the leaf shape and even made a few look like mandalas, I think.    I had actually intended to start experimenting with paisleys but found this shape with leaves decorated like paisleys and went from there . . . . 

Since Mama and Bud head to the kung fu tournament in the morning and Sis will probably still be under the weather, I imagine I'll have a lot of time to play with these, and maybe paisleys, too, in the next two days.

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