Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent Activities: Something Old, Something New

This is our sixth year of Advent Activities and our sock Advent Calendar (see the lists here--20092010201120122013, and 2014) 

This year, I'm adding a new twist:  kindness elves!  I have two little elves I purchased (alas, not from the people at Imagination Tree who came up with the idea; they sold out) and they will make occasional, random appearances during Advent to encourage us to spread the joy this holiday season.  I've put an asterisk after those that would work.  You may recall how much I dislike the Elf-on-the-Shelf tradition with its focus on threatening children into good behavior with a Big-Brother spying Elf in the house who otherwise will lead them to material reward on Christmas morn, which is now all part of a huge consumerist trap with books, clothes, accessories, etc. for said Elf.  Yay.  I like these 25 ways to spread kindness during the holiday season.

And here's our own list, both fun things to do and kindness to spread:
  1. Build gingerbread houses
  2. Host cookie party (Dec. 18)
  3. Make holiday wreath
  4. Stay up late, a la Solstice Camp Out the night of last day of school
  5. Make a snowman (weather permitting; if not, turn fridge into a snowman)
  6. Deliver gifts to vet, pediatrician, etc.**
  7. Create and send family Christmas card
  8. Office holiday parties
  9. Watch "Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas" (we actually did this last night!)
  10. Make cards for teachers, babysitters, etc.**
  11. Watch "Doctor Who" Christmas episode
  12. Choose family holiday charity (seals?  owls?  cat project?)**
  13. Deliver ELF bags to friends in need of holiday cheer**
  14. Piano recital (Dec 6)
  15. Celebrate my birthday at Old Sturbridge Village candlelight
  16. Go to Cookie Cafe (Dec 5)
  17. Sew buttons on Christmas stockings
  18. Watch Geminid meteors (Dec. 13-14 peak)
  19. Drive around looking at lights
  20. Begin reading A Christmas Carol
  21. Make origami ornaments for tree
  22. Watch original A Miracle on 34th Street
  23. STAR WARS!!!!! (Dec. 17)
  24. Make latkes on first night of Hanukkah (Dec. 6)
Other ideas:  make candles or soap; follow UU Advent Calendar from Alice the Chalice; make cinnamon buns for Santa Lucia day (Dec. 13); look for Snowy Owls; make a card for my hospice patients; watch It's a Wonderful Life; play with Lego Christmas village; 

Come January, I think I'll have another list of Winter Fun activities.

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  1. I put up or advent calendar and haven't filled it yet! I know I know......I cant get into it this year. Other things yes, the advent, no. My kids are all over it so I may have to borrow some of your ideas.