Monday, November 30, 2015

All's Well

Good news first:  colonoscopy was normal.  I've healed from the emergency surgery in the spring and there are no anomalies.  So, the lingering issues are IBS-related and can be mitigated by the  low-FODMAPs diet.

Otherwise, prep lasted from 4 PM last night til midnight and started again at 3:45 a.m.  It sucked.  AND I started my period in the midst of it all.

Then, this morning, I was so dehydrated that the three kind nurses, including the anesthesia nurse, stuck me multiple times and used all manner of special techniques and a valve (?) to get it to work, 45 minutes later.  I've always been an easy stick so this was a surprise.

But the propofol worked beautifully (though it really stung going in, even with lidocaine, because my veins were thin, they said.  They also said I was shivering because of the dehydration.  Didn't think I'd dehydrate with the 4 LITERS of nastiness I drank plus all the broth and ginger ale.)

I was home not long after noon.

So, glad that's over and done with.

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