Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall Fun: Halloween!!

What a great Halloween weekend!

Friday night was a party for kids at Mama's office, which we realized we've been attending since they were about 2 years old!  No more strollers for us.  In fact, they were some of the oldest kids there (though, we didn't see most of the revelers, staying in Mama's area.)  They got candy, played some games, and, best of all, got to see where Mama works and meet several of her friends.  And admire their toy collection!  Yep, Nerf guns, Star Wars Legos, balance boards, and puzzles.  Work hard, play hard.  We rounded off the evening with some Israeli food, including a delicious vegetarian chopped "liver" and a surprising Sesame halvah ice cream.

SATURDAY!!!  The countdown for trick-or-treating began not long after ice skating and kung fu.  It was so hard to wait for dusk.  In fact, we didn't manage to wait that long.  By 2:00, we were making additions to their candy bags, adding costumes we hadn't put on.  And this time, they drew the pictures themselves, adding a Tri-force symbol for Link and an Avengers symbol for Black Widow for 2015.  Just growing up . . .

But not too grown up not to be impatient for trick-or-treating to begin.  And so, after obligatory photos, we made our traditional visits to some previous teachers, Mrs S (preschool) and Mrs K (1st and 2nd), who welcome us so warmly.  I wonder if I came up with this great ritual all those years ago so that we could start the holiday earlier!

When we got home, we met up with our super, secret, surprise guest--Beloved Babysitter!!  She was in town from her big life in the city and had time to come over and even take them trick-or-treating for a bit.  They went to a new street, where her brother lives, and got lots of candy.  So special to have her join us after all of these years.  She's like that cool cousin or older sister or something.  They just beamed to see her.

Then, as she left for her own revels, the kids went trick-or-treating by themselves, ALL ALONE!  Okay, sure, we made sure they stayed in our neighborhood area AND we gave them walkie-talkies to keep in touch.  Still, big step.  And they were so excited and later so proud to have been allowed to do it.  They walked so much, for so long, that they didn't even do the last houses in the cul-de-sac near us.  Their feet hurt and they had enough candy.  Wow.  (Meanwhile, Mama joined me in passing out candy to all the visitors--I love to pass out the candy!  No particular common theme this year, not even Zombies.  A few princesses, but not a particular one.  It was kinda all over this year.  I'd say we had 50+ trick-or-treaters, some of them not from our little area, which is fine with me.  And only a handful or two of teenagers; I give handfuls of candy to all, costume or no, young and old.  I loved to trick-or-treat so who am I to judge?)

They did the traditional sorting--and passing along of nut candies to us (yay, Baby Ruth, Almond Joy, Snickers, Mr. Goodbar, Butterfinger, peanut M&Ms, and Reese's peanut butter cups!!)--and of course ate some for themselves.  Sis hoarded the plain Hershey bars, Twix, and Tootsie Rolls, while Bud kept hold of the Lifesaver gummies, Raisinettes, and Twizzlers.

We ordered pizza and watched the new "Doctor Who," glad to see the return of Osgood (I'm totally going to cosplay as Osgood next year!  As a BTS segment noted, that means I'd be cosplaying a cosplayer!)

Another great part?  We got to "fall back" and, for the first time in a decade, everyone understood the whole "sleeping in" part!!!

Just another great Halloween.

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