Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Let the Planning Begin

The last few Thanksgivings have been very stressful for me, on the food side of it.  I tend to think decreasing the number of dishes will help so that I'm not cooking three days in a row as I have been (albeit with some help.)

So, right now, we're planning
  1. Chex mix appetizer
  2. turkey (spatchcocked by Mama)
  3. dressing (make 1 1/2 batches so Bud can have some for oyster stuffing)
  4. green bean casserole
  5. sweet potato casserole
  6. creamed spinach (Boston Market)
  7. dinner rolls--I could even make and freeze these now.
  8. canned cranberry sauce (storebought)
  9. fresh cranberry sauce
  10. apple pie (storebought)
This leaves out mashed potatoes, two extra cranberry sauces, two other pies, a couple of other appetizers, and the extra vegetarian side dish I had been making.  (Most of my Thanksgiving recipes are here.)

That's rational me.

In ambitious moments, I ponder making the pecan pie truffles and brandied pumpkin pie in the NYTimes and Durgin Park "Indian" pudding.  

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