Monday, November 2, 2015

Girl Scouts Sign

ASL reference guide from Amazon
We just completed our Girl Scout badge in American Sign Language.  My Deaf friend and her daughter came to two of our meetings and worked with the girls, first with ABCs and 123s, and then with more common words and the much harder Pledge of Allegiance and Girl Scout Promise in the videos below.

We broke into groups a few times to practice and many of the girls really got into it.  In fact, ironically, it was the quietest I've ever seen them in 5+ years.  They had homework, too--to watch some videos with Deaf people signing to each other.  

She also took questions about being Deaf that the girls had written down.  Intriguingly, most wanted to know if her arms got tired.  No.   Second most common question was if she knew every word in "the whole universe."  No.  When asked if she knew any other sign languages, she said she knew a few words in British Sign Language, which is different.  Then we talked about how she went deaf, how she went to school, and how she knows the alarm clock or fire alarm are ringing or someone is at the door.  She also demonstrated a telephone interpreter service.  The girls were amazed--is it live?? is it real??  

I am really grateful to my friend and her daughter and really proud of my troop (and Bud, who sat through both meetings so he could learn some ASL.  And now he wants to take lessons!)  It was a great experience for all of us.


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