Monday, November 9, 2015

Another Fall Fun Update

A big weekend for marking things off our list.

  1. Block Island weekend--yes!  See here.
  2. Indigo Girls concert--yay!  See here.
  3. Vote.  Because the local election and referendum have gotten very nasty.
  4. Trick or treat!!!  
  5. Make a leaf pile.
  6. Decorate a pumpkin.  Does it count that I "zentangled" one?
  7. Yarn!  I'm participating in a CAL, or crochet-along.
  8. Watch Halloween film (is it time for Hocus Pocus?)--we watched Hocus Pocus.  Odd.  Virginity is a major plot line in this kids' movie from 1993.
  9. Scout overnight at Mystic Seaport!!!
  10. Florence Griswold Museum Wee Faerie Village
  11. Make pies--we made a Swedish Apple Pie
  12. Boo gifts for friends
  13. Applepalooza (our family fall open house, with apple desserts):  a wonderful day, even with the flurries!
  14. Pull out quilts and blankets
  15. Nature Mandalas:  a first this year; so pretty.
  16. Church in-gathering celebration:  we took water from our rain gauge, excited that it had finally rained
  17. Make faerie houses:  our first ones circled the silver maple
  18. Comic Con:  always fun, like a big geeky Halloween party
  19. Matilda:  excellent!
  20. Spring Awakening (adults only):  a fantastic evening of ASL and musical theater, in a story about drastic consequences resulting from miscommunicaitons between horny German teenagers and their parents
  21. School Open House:  another year has started!
  22. Prepare Halloween costumes:  We have Black Widow and Link all ready to go
  23. Nature walk or bike ride:  I'm going to count the Sept GS bike ride.

  1. Knitting retreat--SOON
  2. Backyard fire with foil dinners and s'mores--can it count that we did it at Applepalooza?
  3. Make candles or soap
  4. Explore sourdough bread recipes
  5. Get out mittens, hats, scarves, sweaters, etc.--just don't quite need them yet.
  6. Change fire alarm batteries

  1. Renaissance festival:  NO, missed it this year
  2. Church Harvest festival--NOPE, we missed this
  3. Apple picking
  4. piano recital--now in December
  5. Roast pumpkin seeds
  6. Make apple or pumpkin butter
  7. Pumpkin picking
  8. Corn maze
  9. Go to a football game
  10. Amish Friendship bread
  11. Paint pinecones
  12. Tent in the backyard

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