Monday, November 9, 2015

Welcome Home!

Gommie and Granny Q are home from a wonderful two-week trip to China, including Beijing, Xi'an, the Yangtze River, and Shanghai.  I've seen just some of the photos and spoken to Gommie only a couple of times--I know there is so much more she'll have to tell.  They saw the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, panda bears, hutong (ancient Chinese townhouses), the Three Gorges dam, the terracotta warriors, the Shanghai Museum, and so forth, fourteen fully-packed days.  And the food!  Gommie can't stop talking about the food.  Such flavor, such variety, nothing like American Chinese take out (which is to Chinese food as Tex-Mex is to real Mexican, meaning a whole different thing.)  I look forward to hearing more in the coming weeks and when Gommie and Pop come visit after Christmas

Sure, I'll admit to being a wee bit jealous, but in the nice kind of way--is there such a thing?--because I'm really happy and excited and even proud that Gommie went on this adventure.  And I'll be pleased to live vicariously through her trip . . . until we get to go ourselves!

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