Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent Activities: Start the Calendars

Rabbit, rabbit, as they apparently say here in New England on the first day of a new month (I know, I don't really get it either.)  And it being December, it's the start of Advent.    Which means calendars.

We haven't unearthed our Christmas boxes yet so the Advent socks aren't hung on the mantle with care.  But we do have our now-traditional Lego Advent calendars--Friends for Sis and Star Wars for Bud this year.

And they got me a calendar, too!  It's not a Lego calendar, nor is it actually a countdown to Christmas.  It's a Lighthouse from the LL Bean outlet that now counts down to my birthday!

This morning, the #1 drawer was filled with a little pastel origami pinwheel, Sis's new origami specialty.  Apparently, each drawer until my birthday will have a little treat.

Such a sweet idea, especially because I love my birthday and I loved Advent calendars as a kid.  I always had a paper one from Hallmark, usually with anthropomorphic animals.  Since then, I've had felt ones from the Art Institute and a beautiful quilted one from Gommie.

And now this wonderful lighthouse . . . .

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