Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Have I told you how much I like questions?  You know, silly list-icle questions.  Like an interview.  Maybe it taps into my adolescent fantasy of being famous, which otherwise I have left far behind.  Or an almost-universal human need to be known and understood and remembered.  I think they're fun.  

So, here are some answers to a meme that's been floating around FB.  (And stay tuned for our semi-annual family questionnaire come January.)

Three names I go by
1.  Mom
2.  Jamie
3.  Hon

Three places I have lived
1.  Houston
2.   San Antonio
3.  Chicago 
(must also mention NYC.  And, interestingly, our house in CT is the home I've lived in the longest, at 13+ years, mainly because my time in Houston was split between two houses.)

Three places I have worked (choosing the odd ones)
1.  Kinder Care
2.  1 day for an independent baker in NYC (she was . . . odd.)
3.  picture resource library in NYC
(and, for the best stories around Christmas, a Hallmark in the mall)

Three things I love to watch
1.   Sis ice skating
2.  Bud kung fu forms
3.  "Tudors"

Three places I have been
1.  Greece (Athens, the Peloponnese, some of the islands)
2.  Tunisia (mainly Carthage, with trips to Sousse, El Jem, Monastir)
3.  Rome (for a summer in college)
(you know about London and environs, but also Munich and Berlin, a few other places in Italy, Paris for a weekend, a place in Turkey for a day, and various US states but not too many)

Three things I love to eat
1. pizza
2.  chicken fingers
3.  chocolate cake

Three things I'm looking forward to
1.  my birthday this weekend
2.  another Christmas holiday with the family
3.  more travels (on the short list:  England and Scotland, New Orleans, (old) Williamsburg, Quebec, Maine/Vermont)

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