Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Happy post-Christmas!

We've been quite a buzz since Friday or so.  I'm not even sure I can remember what all.  Not that it was eventful per se--we didn't go to kung fu or ice skating, to any parties or big outings.  We mainly stayed home and played with toys and games and watched tv and such, slowly creeping back into the real world of laundry and garbage and such.  By Sunday, some of us had been together non-stop for nearly five days, which is a long time, and there was the usual post-Christmas tension from too much activity, too many late nights, too much greasy and sugary food, too much off-routine, too much excitement, too much clutter, and, quite honestly, too much togetherness, what Pop used to call, sarcastically, "family fun at its finest."  It didn't help that three of their computer games crashed mid-game in one afternoon, momentously frustrating.   But we got over it quickly enough and re-set ourselves by Monday.

Which is the day Gommie and Pop arrived.  The kids could barely contain their enthusiasm which I couldn't even damper with frequent request to "pick that up" or "take that upstairs" and the like so that the house was reasonably inhabitable by two more people (though they sleep at a hotel, they spend all day here.)    Gommie and Pop were here by 4 and there was a whirlwind of showing off Christmas presents--BB8s and SW books--and performing--piano, "Just Dance" routines.   I think they even squeezed in a game of Scrabble and some puzzle-work.  We had baked chicken and the fixings for dinner and they stayed pretty late considering they'd been up at 4 something.

And lo and behold, their very first night in CT and it snowed!  Just a dusting, but it's the first snow we've seen since March or so.  Pop, particularly, was  happy.  Even if they were late getting to my house because the scraper wasn't in my van!  Who knew it was going to snow??  We stayed in most of the day--once they did a morning doughnut run to our knew favorite place--that is, until dusk.

Mama had to work Tuesday but she was meeting us at the movie theater for--yep, you guessed it--STAR WARS!  We played more at home and then showed them Return of the Jedi to get ready.  Of course, Gommie had seen it 32-odd years ago when she took me out of school to go see it, but she'd pretty much forgotten most of it.  Though, they both remembered the Ewoks.  And neither knew about the prequels.  Lucky them.

We got to the theater about an hour before showtime and it was more crowded with longer lines than we'd seen it at the other two showings.  I guess the weather brought people out.  There was even a line of people waiting an hour to see the Chipmunk movie . . . ???  Who does that?  We got our popcorn, got our seats, and settled in for another great viewing  I won't give any real SPOILERS here, only to say that Pop actually got teary at one point, which made me extra-teary.  Gotta love Star Wars.  And I think they really did.

We went out for sushi afterwards, for a late-dinner treat at Bud's favorite place.  He and Mama shared the big sushi boat, while Sis, Pop, and I sat on the "chicken" (i.e. teriyaki and katsu) end of the table.  Gommie ate some hand rolls and had some sake.  And we tried not to say anything spoiler-y outloud. We even had mochi for dessert.  Then we separated in the parking lot til morning.

This morning, Gommie and I went for coffee while Pop played with the kids (or, more likely, watched the kids play--"they only let me cut a couple of pieces of fruit," he said, referencing Fruit Ninja.)  Gommie and I brought home dominos and checkers home, since these are two games Pop plays. Sis just wiped the floor with Gommie at checkers; there's talk of a tournament.  And Bud impressed us all with his use of "adept" in Scrabble.  I didn't notice the outcome of the two dominoes games.   I'm shocked to see this; in 18 years of living at home and all the time since then, I've never known my dad to play games!  But he's already played Scrabble, two types of dominos (42 and Moon), and checkers.  I'm dumbstruck.

We also watched Inside Out, while Pop napped on the couch, with Mojo curled up on his lap.  Mojo likes yarn and Pop had at least two afghans on--I can't turn the heat up high enough for these thin-blooded Texans, and that's with their thermals on!

Now we're biding time til dinner reservations at the Italian place at 6 p.m.  I'm stretching my back and blogging upstairs with two cats; the kids are introducing Gommie to the "Great British Bake-Off."  I imagine Pop is back under his blankets.

After dinner, we'll do Christmas gifts, which gives us more to do for the next few days.  Stay tuned.

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