Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thick 'n Thin 'n Quick

My friend asked me to make a scarf for her daughter, knit or crochet.  We went to the craft store last week and perused the yarns.  My friend isn't a yarnaholic and so I got to choose--a nice chunky, thick and thin, wool-acrylic blend, in pink, the daughter's favorite color.

I tried to knit it in stockinette on large needles, but the edges curved too much (because I forgot a selvage or border to combat that.)

I tried to knit it in garter stitch, with the same large needles, but it was too chunky and dense.

So, I crocheted it with a big hook and lots of spaces--and in a fraction of the time the knitting was taking (I wanted to get it to her before Christmas, which I never would have if I knit it.)  And I think it will be great.

Chunky Cowl/Infinity Scarf
1 1/4 skein Buttercream Thick n'Thin (from Jo-Ann's)
Q hook

Chain 80 (or approximately 5'+ foundation)

Row 1: chain 2, half double crochet, ch 1 and skip ch, *(hdc, ch1 and skip space)* repeat to end, ch 2, turn.

Row 2:  hdc in each chain space of row 1, ch 1, *(hdc, ch 1 in chain space)* repeat until end, ch 2, turn.

Row 3-5 (or until width desired):  repeat Row 2

Finish off by leaving long tail.  Use tail to whip stitch ends together to make infinity scarf/cowl

inspired by My Blue Bike 101

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