Thursday, December 31, 2015

Second Christmas

We had our second Christmas Eve and Christmas day all rolled into one last night.  We started by taking Gommie and Pop to a local Italian place--not just pizza and spaghetti with meatballs, but a place with duck and boar and such.  Mama and I had been once before and had a great meal but some unfortunate experiences (I got too warm, felt sick, shifted in my chair, and pulled a muscle in my back, ending the meal early)--I was glad to replace the memories.

And it was great food--white bean and sauteed tomato dip, spinach and mushroom crepes, butternut squash ravioli, short ribs, spinach salad with warm goat cheese fritters and a poached pear, shrimp with pasta, sole with pasta, lobster ravioli, mushroom ravioli, chicken marsala, s'mores creme brulee, Nutella cup, apple caramel crumb, almond tart, cappuccino, and espresso.  The atmosphere was lovely; we sat near the fireplace, which warmed our poor thin-blooded Texans (I wore a plain t-shirt under a sweater so as not to overeat per the earlier meal.)  Delightful.

The kids didn't even rush us, though we were opening presents afterwards.  Another sign they're growing up.  We did have fun opening presents, a flurry of wrapping paper all around.  There was kung fu souvenirs straight from China for Bud, some jade and a name chop stamp for Sis and me, and books for Gommie, Pop, and Mama.

Bud got one extra surprise:  he lost a tooth!  And the holiday Tooth Fairy brought him a couple of Lego Dimensions figures (just as the same crazy-generous Tooth Fairy gave Sis a Lego on Monday morning--it's been that kind of week.)

And now Christmas is really pretty much all over.

Let the new year begin.

Happy 2016, y'all!

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