Monday, December 7, 2015

First Anniversary

A year ago yesterday, we welcomed 15-year-old brother cats, Patron and Mojito into our home.   As you may recall, they were being surrendered by their long-time owner whose daughter had developed some allergies.  The cats themselves were somewhat unhappy with the situation, too (there was a new French bulldog.)  The owner was going to give them to a no-kill shelter, but we took them instead.  

We weren't sure how geriatric cats would handle such a huge change.  And there have been some touch-and-go moments, both with Patron's health (now called Mr. P) and with relations with our existing cats.  Otherwise, it's better than we could ever have hoped.  The NYCats no longer hide in the basement under the bookshelf but wander all over the house.  Right now, P is on our bed on the second floor.  And Mojo (or Mo-jee-to, Jeetz) loves to sit on the couch next to or better yet under afghans; he likes yarn.  There's not even daily hissing between them and the Connecticats, which is excellent.  They've worked out the timeshare.

And we love them.  Mr. P sat next to me all spring and summer as I recovered from surgery; Mojo eventually came up, too.  Now he sits on my lap whenever he can, especially when I'm crocheting.  And the kids both like petting Mr P and holding Mojo.  It's wonderful.

And so some of my favorite pictures of our "new" ol'boys, who will be 16 come March.  (P is more easily photogenic than M, who likes to hide under blankets.)

Mojito aka Mojo
Patron aka Mr. P

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