Saturday, November 29, 2014

Advent Activities Fifth Anniversary

The kids have already started asking about our Advent Activities socks and so I need to get our list going.  In searching through old lists, I realized we started this five years ago, in 2009. How time flies! See the lists here--20092010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.)  It has become the family tradition I had hoped it would, with many of the same activities.  So here is this year's list . . . to be amended, of course.

  1. Build gingerbread houses
  2. Host cookie party (Dec. 19)
  3. Make holiday wreath
  4. Stay up late, a la Solstice Camp Out
  5. Fondue dinner
  6. Make a snowman (weather permitting)
  7. Deliver gifts to vet, pediatrician, etc.
  8. Family game night
  9. Dinner by candlelight
  10. Watch "Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas"
  11. Make cards for teachers, babysitters, etc.
  12. Watch "Doctor Who" Christmas episodes
  13. Choose family holiday charity (seals?  owls?  cat project?)
  14. Deliver ELF bags to friends in need of holiday cheer
  15. Make treats for animals (birdfeeders? local shelter?)
  16. See Piano Guys in concert
  17. Piano concert at senior center
  18. Celebrate my birthday
  19. Go to Cookie Cafe.
  20. Buy stockings for the new cats.
  21. Sew buttons on Christmas stockings.
  22. See Hobbit:  Battle of Five Armiesi
  23. Go to NYC to see Rockefeller Tree, Saks' windows, and Teuscher chocolates, etc.
  24. See Into the Woods
Extras (just in case):  make fudge, have a welcome party for new cats, make paper chains/decorations, watch Geminid meteors (Dec. 13/14), make Elf doughnuts, make thank-you notes for after Christmas, make scarves for community coat closet, drive around looking at lights, caroling by phone, make reindeer food, write letter to Santa, read A Christmas Carol.

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  1. What a wonderful list of December activities---I think I would like to spend the month of December at your house, please :)