Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Played Barbies with Sis tonight (yes, she has a couple.  From the in-laws.)  After dressing her blonde Barbie--named Lizzie--in a fabulous lamé outfit with purple kinky boots, she announced that it was time for the party!  A party to benefit the baby seals.  'Cos Lizzie has a doctorate--"but doesn't need to be called 'Dr.'"--and is also a wealthy philanthropist who arranges events to raise money and awareness of environmental issues and endangered animals. For $5 a ticket.  She also has a few dolphins.  And a monkey.  

All her friends came, in their skimpy dresses fit only for a red-light district--Charlotte, Julia, and my doll Violet, who owns a pizzeria, which she works at in a purple and silver lamé dress.  And brown leather kinky boots.  I added short pants for modesty.  (BTW, did Barbies always have such huge butts and hips?  Or is this the Kardashian model?  Velcro was busting out all over.)

Then they had a gymnastics competition, after taking off those kinky boots, because Lizzie is considering doing the Olympics.

Her mom told her she could.


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  1. This made me smile! And yes their booties and hips are bigger or maybe the clothes are smaller???????