Friday, November 7, 2014

Sticky Situation

Parenting fail:  last night at our mom-daughter book club, there was an art activity that involved cutting. But NO left-handed scissors, so I had to do the cutting.  Having no other lefties in my immediate family, I never think of such things.  But now I know to travel with lefty scissors.   (Sis hasn't mastered cutting with her right hand.)

Otherwise, our book club was fun.  The book was Joshua's Song, a fictional account of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 in Boston, coupled with a Newsies's-like story of newspapers and reporters. We had actually tried to watch Newsies, the Disney movie musical turned Broadway show about newsboys, in advance, but Amazon Instant Video was down. Another time.  Sis enjoyed the book, particularly the girl newsie who dressed like a boy to seel her papers.  My favorite part was the end, when Joshua comforted a woman trapped in the destruction of the flood by singing to her--it reminded me of hospice.  The kids really connected with the story and had lots of answers to questions and questions to answer.

They even got to dip their hands in real molasses to get a sense of its viscosity.

And then there was the newspaper-flower-cutting activity.  Sis attached her finished flower onto my scarf.

We also "won" the door prize--we were the only ones who wanted the unopened jar of molasses!!  With holidays coming up, we can use that.

I really like this book club--reading new books, discussing different points of view, socializing with girls we don't usually see (though, many of them are in our GS troop.)  Our next book is Dickens's Christmas Carol, with some wonderful book club activities planned.

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