Thursday, November 13, 2014

Battle of the Yards

Let it begin:  the annual pursuit of the neighboring men--mostly, though some egged on by women--to clear their grass of every single golden or crimson leave.  With their arsenal of lawn mowers, leaf blowers, rakes, and bags, they spend many man hours sucking up every leaf as it falls.  Something about protecting the grass, which they expect to still be green, even in November, even in New England.

And I don't care a jot.  I love these colorful leaves--on trees, fluttering through the air, gathering on the ground.  I wait til the last minute to remove (or more specifically, pay someone to remove) them because I like to crunch in their color. Maybe it's because I didn't really have fall colors the first half of my life.  The kids like them, too--they rake piles and jump into them over and over.

This year has been an amazingly long peak season.  The trees are holding onto their colorful leaves longer than usual.  Three of our trees haven't even started dropping yet.  It could be another month before our trees are bare.

When I posted this picture of the golden glow of our yard on FB, one of our leaf-phobic neighbors replied that her son was available to rake that weekend!  No thanks, we'll be keeping it like this a bit longer.

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  1. How nice to see leaves on the lawn, in our part of Louisiana we got pine 'straw' on the grass and everywhere else, collection was followed by the burning. Pollution, you never saw the like of it, probably visible from space.