Friday, November 21, 2014

Early Christmas Present

There has been a change of plans at the Hungry household.

We're getting two "new" cats.

Remember the cats which a co-worker of Mama's has to give up because of allergies and a French bull dog?  Well, he hasn't been able to find a good family for them.  And so, before sending these over-10-year-old cats to a no-kill shelter, he wrote to Mama again.

And we said yes, we'd take them.

I used to volunteer at a wonderful no-kill cat shelter in Chicago and they are generous, loving places . . . filled with dozens and dozens of cats.  The cats settle in with each other (those who can't cope, don't make it.)  They're safe and well cared for, but it's not quite a home.  And their previous owner really wanted them to have a family.  And we have a family that loves cats . . . .

We've consulted the vet, friends who do cat rescue, and experts who have written about combining cat households.  It's do-able. 

And if it doesn't work--for our cats, for the new cats, for any allergies--we found a no-kill shelter nearby who will take them.  We're pretty clear-eyed about that.

So, some weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we will meet the new cats, take them to our vet, and slowly integrate them into our household.  Sis is very excited; Bud is concerned our cats won't like them (which will no doubt be true for awhile.)

And in case you're confused or don't understand, here's the persuasion:

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