Monday, November 24, 2014

A Different Prep

Besides prepping for the "new" cats or even for Thanksgiving, I'm prepping for a lecture that I'm giving in less than two weeks at a tea at the historic house.  And I'll be talking about clothing in the colonial time.

By getting dressed in front of a house full of women.

I'll start in a body stocking with my shift or chemise on top and the proceed to put on stockings and garters, stays or corset, pockets, two skirts, bodice, apron, mob cap, and maybe even straw hat and cloak for outdoors.  All of this while discussing the history of corsets, changing understanding of the effects of soap and shampoo or lack thereof, bathing and cleanliness, lice, seasonality of clothing, fabrics, and myths such as women dipping their skirts in water to keep from catching fire while cooking, wearing decorated pockets on the outside to attract a husband, and, if we venture into Victorian times, having ribs removed!


So, I've got the garters, silk knee-highs, and bodystocking on order and am otherwise ready to go.

Should be lots of fun.

Though, isn't it the audience that I'm supposed to picture in their underwear??

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  1. I do hope you will be offering photographs of the various stages.