Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vegetarian Confession

I've been eating fish, chicken, and even beef some recently.  Not everyday, not very much, but definitely more than anytime in the five years since I determined to keep a mainly vegetarian diet.

And I'm not sure why.  It started before Texas but definitely picked up speed there.  I've been liking the saltiness and the fattiness of it, the memory of it, the variety, even the ease of it especially when eating out and cooking for omnivores.

Am I giving up a mainly non-meat diet?  No.   Am I officially a vegetarian?  "Real" ones would say no, but I am for most meals.  And I expect I'll go back to it after this experimentation.  So I guess I'm a flexitarian, or a "vegan before 6" to use Mark Bittman's new paradigm.

I'm not sure the name really matters.  I'm just wondering what it means.

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  1. Those who claim to know say that research shows that red meat leads to bowel cancer. But not in everyone of course and until we know just what the mitigating factors are it behoves the wise to be moderate with red meat consumption. Not what the red meat industry wants to hear but you have a choice.