Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Fun 2013: Last Travel Tidbit

I can't believe, in my post about Texas, I forgot to tell you about what we did as soon as we got there.  Gommie whisked Sis and her AG dolls upstairs and introduced them to her own precious babydolls.  Mind you, these dolls are so special that Pop has only seen them twice and I've only seen them once (though, quite out of character, she let us take them on a weekend trip to Toledo Bend once--there's a picture of me on the swing with one.)  I don't really know what transpired during the doll play, as they were secreted away.  But I know it was a special time.

Meanwhile, Pop and Bud were downstairs tying knots.  Bud had picked up a knot book for the airplane ride and had been practicing. Pop is the king of knots, since so many of them are used in fishing and such, and so helped him with more:  square knot, bowline, clove hitch, half-something-hitch, Palomir knot (?), and more.  I remember Pop teaching me a knot once, something about a frog, a hole, and a tree.  I'm sure Bud is a better student!

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  1. That was a bowline, the other, probably, a round turn and two half hitches...for mooring a boat.