Friday, July 12, 2013

Change in the Weather

Mercy, it was steamy hot here in CT while we were in Texas--I can see the damage in my garden, which is saying a lot because a). our garden is pretty wild (I'm not a helicopter gardener!) and b.) I rarely notice.  My basil is almost completely dead.  And it's been so dry!  We keep seeing red clouds on the radar around us, with 70%+ chances of rain, etc., but it always missed us at the last minute.  Until a brief heavy rain yesterday morning, a real "gully-washer," the first rain of the month!  And now it's cool, barely 70F or so outside.  So I went into the garden and salvaged some plants from the rising weeds.  The beans are growing, but something is eating my kale!  And our sunflowers up front in the pot are "as high as an elephant's eye!"  I've called to have some of the hedge trimmed, now that it is 15' or so high and blocking the sun.  The sun which has only recently ever entered the backyard because my neighbor's huge maple blocked it before its untimely demise last month.  Places in my yard that haven't seen sun in 80+ years (the probable age of the tree) are bright for the first time ever.  We might even get grass in the back corner!  And I can certainly detect the change in light in the house.  It's strange but nice.  I'll miss the gorgeous colors of that tree come fall, though.  Until then, there are some pretty gorgeous colors in the wildflowers Sis sowed in May, pinks and purples and yellows.  As my generous friend Miss M said, it's like an English garden.  Well, to an American anyway.

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