Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Fun 2013: First Week of Camp

The first week of camp is over this afternoon and they've had a great time.  They've played "streets and alleys" and "ships and sailors" and even Quidditch.  They've made Cobra Gimp and a Chinese ladder friendship bracelet, tie dye and s'mores.  They've hiked, swam, shot bows and arrows, and boated.  Bud has been immersed in the Harry Potter universe while Sis has imitated Merida in Brave.  And they've learned several new songs, including

They've also both made new friends.  Sis's is a red-headed girl, like the doll "Saige," she says, who was in class with our neighbor boy last year.  Bud's friend is an older girl, in 6th grade, who loves Harry Potter and Minecraft, too.  

And they still have another whole week!

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