Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Picture Project

Underneath the Carpet!

The project begins!  Yesterday, the workers stripped away all the old, gray carpet to reveal the almost-100-year-old floors underneath.  We're so excited!  

Today, they began sanding the floors and found stains we couldn't see before.  It's a hiccup, because now the boards need to be replaced, but it'll be prettier without all the moldy-looking big black spots (about 8-10 of them, about 12" in diameter, in the center of the floors and not hide-able under furniture.)  Apparently, the previous owners had a dog because those weren't cat hairball stains!  It puts us back about half a day and some money, but it's best to fix it.  Thankfully, there are no rotten boards.

AND, more excitedly, we've decided to have all the walls painted.  In two shades of blue for a Wedgewood look--darker in the entry and the dining room and lighter in the living room.  And all the trim, baseboard heaters, doors, and ceiling will be re-done.  We had thought of going two shades of green but realized it would look like "Duck Dynasty" camo with two greens and a brown floor!  

I am already comfortably ensconced in the hotel, which allowed us a super-early check-in.  I've got luggage for our stay and groceries for camp lunches and dinner.  It's amazing how much different it is to pack for a stay where we keep up our usual busy suburban routine versus packing for a trip like Disney World with restaurants and day-long activities, etc.  More stuff for the routine, especially since I had to figure out camp lunches and clothing and such for special camp days, etc.  Still, it's better than all the dust and strong smells back at the house.  

And when we go back this weekend, it'll be like a whole new house!

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  1. Whoever put down the original boards knew what he was about, not a crack to be seen in the picture. Must have been good English oak!