Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home, Sweet Home

We're back in Connecticut and settling in after being gone a week.  Well, the kids settled immediately and are back to playing Star Wars, freshly inspired by having recently seen Episodes 1 and 2 (an early birthday present.)  The cats, on the other hand, having spent a week together at the vet's in the kennel, are a tad high-maintenance.  Albus in particular is extra needy and cuddly . . . and is on me right now purring away.  As for us adults, the end of vacation entails unpacking, reorganizing, and catching up; it's a process.  One that I'm largely ignoring this morning.

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  1. Did you know that during WW1 in Europe the Germans were trying to finance a Mexican take over (recovery?) of Texas? The British hope was that this disclosure would speed the entry of USA into the war. So thanks to a UK listening post you were able to go home without needing a passport.
    Nice to see you back at the keyboard.