Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Fun 2013: First Day of Camp

Yesterday was the first day of camp and the kids had a wonderful time.  Sis is at Girl Scout camp, her third year at this particular camp.  There is swimming--her favorite--plus arts and crafts, nature time, and even cooking.  Yesterday, she made brownies and also a woven bookmark.   And she tested into the "green" swim cap group, which means she is more competent/confident than last year and can swim to the middle; we're very proud of her.  She brought home information about camp pictures, the Trading Post (on Wed and Thurs, when she can buy t-shirts and patches), and "Tie-Dye Thursday."   I didn't hear too much about the day because she and her brother rushed off to play Animal Jam, their current obsession.  Which was ok yesterday because Mama and I were busy packing and such.

We heard more about Bud's day because he gets dropped off first and told us all about it while we waited for Sis.  His camp has declared that it's Harry Potter week.  Yesterday, they went to Herbology (nature walk), Potions (arts and crafts), Quidditch Practice (sports), and the like.   His age group is assigned to Hufflepuff and will compete in the "Quad" Wizard Tournament, complete with Quidditch!  He's put aside his cape and wand and I got him a yellow shirt (Hufflepuff colors) for dress-up day.   He is over-the-top thrilled.  He also tested higher on his swim test than last year and can go to the 6' area of the pool now.

And that's all just day one!

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