Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Fun 2013: Camptastic!

Two weeks of swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, singing, campfires, outdoor skills, games, and new friends.  Yep, the kids are off to day camp.  Separately.  They were awake and on the buses this morning earlier than they had to be off for school and did it with good cheer and excitement, both most looking forward to swimming.  And the camp day is longer than school by at least an hour (the bus rides are longer, too.)

Mama took Sis first, who recognized another camper from last year.  And then I took Bud about 30 minutes later; he marched right up to another camper and said hi.  Turns out it was her first time at camp and first time on a bus, even; she looked nervous and her mother more so.  Thankfully, the bus arrived early to end their misery.  As I pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed the mom linger after their bus left.  I remember feeling that way about kindergarten.  But now I do the mommy-camp dance!  Only, I wish I were going, too.

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