Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Fun 2013: Travel Tidbits

Some things I forgot to mention in my long post about Texas:

  • I had a nightmare while I was there that my brandied fruit "died" while I was away.  I returned home and it was grey and stinky and moldy and rotten.  I was hysterical in the dream and tried so hard to revive the fruit and then tried to get new, to no avail.  I even woke up with my heart racing.  The real fruit, here in CT, is fine and survived the week "alone."  It was, however, the first thing I checked on when we entered the house and I have been lovingly tending it since then.  Yes, I'm not quite normal.
  • While we were in Texas, Mama helped me go through some boxes in my old room, which is now mostly storage (and not all of my stuff!).  And we found some things I'd long thought were lost in the fire that burned the attic storage and part of my room way back in the mid 1990s.  I found the red, pink, white, and green heart-shaped ornaments that my Great-Grandmother Hungry had made for me when I was probably younger than the kiddos are now.  I had thought they'd been destroyed.  But there they were, carefully packaged in zipper bags (probably by the insurance fire-recovery people).  I left a few bags in Houston and brought the rest back here.  I can't wait to put them on our Christmas tree.  Other things we found and brought back:  my juggling bag and my Star Wars trove including two autographed photographs of Carrie Fisher.  Other things I just looked through--my high school correspondence with Greek pen pal Martha Bitsopoulou (hi Martha if you ever read this!), my "letter to my grandchildren" from a high school project (I don't know think I'll have grandkids by 2035, though), my homecoming and prom dresses (and the bridesmaid's dress I wore to that wedding in Dallas that you'll remember, Lambeth, the week after I met Mama actually,) and lots of my books (many of which I put on the top two shelves of the bookcase for Gommie to trade in at Half Price Books.)
  • One of the first days we were at the bay, on a trip to the beach when Bud and Sis were hanging out with there second/third/whatever cousins, I tried to draw out some connections between them.  The boys' mom, my cousin W, had mentioned that they were obsessed with Minecraft and HP.  I called to Bud to tell them about "lava-inating," the thing he and Sis had invented that turned lava into rock using water.  He rolled his eyes, moaned "Mommmm!," and literally put his "talk to the hand" hand out as he turned away.  We all just sat there stunned.  I laughed about it the rest of the trip.  And gave him "the hand" a few times.  Should've given him the finger!

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  1. Yes, I do remember that wedding in Dallas, am still in contact with the other bridesmaid as well as her mother. The next morning a lot of us met up at Dallas Airport for breakfast, the Bride and Groom were the last to arrive. At that breakfast I met a lady from La who had been trying to find me in London!