Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Summer Project

Our summer house project is to have the carpet on the first floor removed and the hardwood floors underneath refinished.  Tomorrow, the movers come to clear the furniture--including 2 sofas, a very heavy treadmill, 3 cabinets, and 5 bookcases!--to other areas.  As tomorrow is still part of the heatwave, now in its fifth day, I'm glad for the movers that they only have to take stuff to the basement, kitchen, or porch.  Today, we're packing up books and knick-knacks.  I never knew 5 bookcases held so many books!  And we've even purged so many for giveaway.  Still lots to do and the kids are being very helpful, but we're all taking a little tech break before more work and then lunch.

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