Thursday, May 9, 2013

TMI: My Foot

I make iced tea every morning, by making 4 cups of hot tea, with a little sugar, using my Keurig.

Well, this morning, when the Keurig was done, it did it's usual vibrating thing.

Except this time, the cup holding the 4 cups of tea shook off the base and spilled all over me, as I was standing next to it scrambling eggs for the kids' breakfast.

I screeched and started pulling off my skirt and shoes and socks, but the soaked socks and shoes didn't come off right away.

The kids came running in and helped get cold water and such.  They were fantastic, really wonderfully level-headed and helpful and calm.

And then I noticed the peeling skin.

I applied a bag of frozen corn and directed the kids in finishing their breakfast and getting off to school.

And then my friend Miss Beth drove me to the clinic about 30 minutes after the initial injury.  (Thanks so much, Beth!)

I have second-degree burns on my ankle and foot, about the size of my hand including fingers.

And it hurts like a mother fucker.

They doused me with saline, slathered the blistered skin in antibiotic cream, gave me a "wooden" bootie to immobilize the foot, gave me a tetanus shot, and prescribed pain pills.

I'm home now, resting with my foot up, trying to find a docent to do my tour tomorrow because I'm not supposed to move around much so that the blisters don't pop.  I also go back to the doctor tomorrow to check for infection.

And did I mention that it hurts?

UPDATE:  I found a docent for tomorrow!  Yay!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! I hope you feel better soon and glad you found someone to help with the tours. If you need anything let me know.

  2. You just can't seem to catch a break! So sorry to hear of this latest freak accident!

  3. And what kind of Keurig is it that vibrates and does it so violently that the container came off the base? Have you contacted Keurig about that? I have had several Keurigs, although they might not be the same model as yours -- none of them has ever moved at all.