Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tra-La, It's May!

Okay, so there weren't many April showers to speak of, but we do have a few nice May flowers.  These tulips from church friend and gardening aficionado Miss Mary are some of my favorites, with their delicate cream and pink blossoms.  I originally had six or so bulbs, but now it's down to just two that come up.  I cherish them every spring.

Sis has been waiting for May for months, excited about planting seeds and flowers.  In Connecticut, local wisdom holds that you should not plant before Mother's Day.  Well, we're almost there.  And we have three pots with flower seeds--gifted to Sis and Bud as a party favor and to me as a volunteer thank-you--that she's anxious to put in the ground, plus a basil plant Mama and I picked up last week to have basil for mozzarella and bread.  She loves gardening, at least the planting part, and has been waiting for spring since Santa left packets of seeds in her stocking.  No wonder she likes The Secret Garden musical and is starting the book.  She'll especially like our big Brownie project this spring:  we're planting a colonial herb garden at the historic house!  Now if we could just have some of those April showers.

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  1. What a pretty flower. And oh my I wish I could be a part of the colonial herb garden!