Monday, May 20, 2013

Ready, Set, No.

After much pleading and some discussion, we agreed to allow Sis and Bud to have separate rooms.  While mainly at Sis's behest--she craves privacy and independence--Bud is slowly warming to the idea.  It's quite an undertaking, as the extra room right now contains the cat litter box and hundreds of books; yes, it's our storage room.  So the books will have to go to the basement or just go and the toys in the basement will go to the kids' respective rooms, with the appropriate furniture redistributed.  But that's a lot of up and down and carrying for two women with bad backs; we'll probably hire local movers or a teenager.  I figure it will be done in time for the kids to start third grade next year.

Last night, however, things sped up considerably.  The kiddos, exhausted from a weekend of late nights--Sis's gymnastics exhibition was Saturday night (she did well and had fun; we had pizza and Dole Whip afterwards at 10 pm!) and Goo came up for the weekend to attend--were annoying each other and grumbling to us.  So I finally asked if Bud wanted to sleep in the other room.  Surprisingly, he said yes and proceeded to get quite comfortable.

Sis was hysterical.  "I wanted him to go this summer, but I'm not ready yet."  She cried and cried that he was leaving her, even though it had been her idea originally.  Poor child, so upset (and exhausted.)  Bud eventually went in to talk to her, asking if this meant that she didn't want him to move out this summer.  We didn't hear the answer (but believe she said, no, she still wanted him to move.)  But the drama ended, last night anyway, when Bud loaned Sis his penguin Tango to sleep with.

We had always worried that Bud was going to feel hurt by the transition and were unprepared for Sis's hurt feelings last night.  We'll have to discuss it tonight, see if we can resolve it some, because Bud wants to sleep in the other room again tonight.  And Sis doesn't want him to.  Twins--don't want to be together, won't separate.

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