Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kung Fu Sunday

On Sunday, we all--including beloved uncle, Goo (thanks for making the trek down!)--went to a local high school to cheer on Bud and his kung fu academy teammates at the tournament.  Bud performed three forms--fist form, broadsword, and staff.  He won a gold in the former, and honorable mentions in the latter.

And he was unhappy.  Another competitor, a teammate, actually dropped his weapon in one of the forms and still scored higher than Bud, which Bud didn't understand.  Teachable moments, however valuable, are not fun.  It's what makes competition hard for young kids--understanding that sometimes, competitors will do better than you will and win, or not and still win.  Sometimes you have your best day and you win; sometimes you don't.  And sometimes, you make mistakes and don't do your best.

The disappointment dispersed soon enough and he could enjoy the other performances, especially of one of his teachers, who can do all manner of flips and jumps.  It was inspiring.  And so, before the day was out, Bud was planning his next weapon--either straight sword or nine-link chain.

We are proud of you, Bud, for both your gold medal and your lessons learned.

But if you talk to him, just talk about the gold medal.  He doesn't need to learn these lesson over and over this week.

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